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Since I am jumping back into the workforce from being self-employed, I thought I would try an ‘unconventional resume’


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Not sure why my past two posts have been about food. Maybe I’ve just been hungry…until now. While these are all gross, they are probably not as gross as the processed mess we put into our bodies. But, you only live once right? We should probably all start watching what we put into our bodies. Start with these:


You can clearly see where this post is going. I am an Oreo aficionado…don’t think so? Just ask my wife or my friend that works at Nabisco. Nabisco confirmed that on Monday, September 10th, these golden Oreos will be available at Target stores. 

Original Oreos are more than sufficient. Double stuffed are near orgasmic. But we’ve gone too far. Come back, come back! At least the Oreos with the orange stuffing were festive but not too much of a stretch. But now we have Birthday Cake Oreos, Vanilla Oreos, Football Oreos, Triple Double Chocolate (not too bad), Winter Red Creme Oreos, Chocolate Spring Oreos (or Easter Oreos as I like to call them), Oreo Cakes, Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos, Mint Oreos, on and on and on. Just give me Oreos. And when I’m a good boy, give me double-stuffed. 

The only thing I could see improvement on is if the cookie stores in the mall make Oreo Cookie cakes like the chocolate chip ones…now those are delicious! I would definitely chow down into a Big Mac size Oreo! Super Size me!

Ah…pure bliss and for your viewing and listening pleasure…


Previous writing rebooted for Tha Milk:

Campaign season is in full gear and one can only expect that the discourse will increase exponentially in these next few months. It’s a Presidential year and an even year for state & federal offices. The sides are lining up and the supporters are throwing insults in full swing.  I hate it, but yet I participate in it. I honestly don’t know why because I know things will not change much in my lifetime because I know people and I know the political process.

1/3 claim to be Democrats, 1/3 claim to be Republicans, and 1/3 deceive themselves to think they are Independents. We say Presidents are idiots, Congress is out of touch, and we all want change or a revolution. If that were true, then why do we keep electing the same type of people? The same type of people that carry on the legacy of stubborn ideologies and a laissez faire concern for the American people. We all know deep down that it is about power, not the people.

I must admit that I too consider myself somewhat independent although I vote for the Democrat 9 times out of ten. I have voted for Republicans in federal, state, and local elections. Does that make me an independent? Hardly. I, like most Americans, align with one of the two major political parties even if the official platforms do not gel completely with our own personal beliefs. So why do we yearn to be “independent”? Maybe we think that others will view us as fair and objective. Maybe we are just tired of the political games we see played before us in our legislatures and have some disdain for both parties.

There is a political majority, the majority of idiots; and they are not in Washington, nor are they in our state Capital. The majority that reigns supreme is the electorate.

We are lazy when it comes to the political process. Most of us don’t even make an effort to register to vote, and even more of us decide it is not worth our time on election day. Those of us that do vote, go to the polls without knowing where a candidate stands on the issues and rely on a familiar sounding name or what letter is beside their name.

We owe our country more, and if that isn’t enough to motivate you- we owe the women and African-Americans that fought for the right to vote, we owe our forefathers that had the vision and courage to establish this great country, and finally to the soldiers who have fought for our freedom to vote for centuries.  Want to be a patriot? Study the candidates, study the issues, and educate yourself and others with truth. I could care less who you vote for or which party they align themselves with, but I ask that you take the time to dig into each candidate with no pre-conceived notions about who they are. You owe this country to do so.

Republicans and Democrats have made this country great. No political party has a monopoly on great ideas or deserves sole credit for this country’s success. Look at history. We are as great as we are because the two sides have worked together. Remember the 90s? A Democratic President and a Republican majority in our legislative branch. Take notice of our roughest times, usually during a time of political strife and division. Elect people who will stand for something, for principles not parties. Take notice of the finger-pointers who are running for office, chances are that’s all they will do once elected.

Jim Dipeso wrote an interesting article, found here. The title of the blog post is “Long Ago When Politicians Put Governance First.” In this article he quotes former Governor George Romney, “Dogmatic ideological parties tend to splinter the political and social fabric of a nation, lead to governmental crises and deadlocks, and stymie the compromises so often necessary to preserve freedom and achieve progress.”

It’s time to elect legislators and not politicians. Vote for someone with solutions, with policy ideas that they are ready to implement. Do not base your decision on a nice looking face, a few lines of rhetoric, and emotional appeals. Be smart. Quit being lazy and sort through the fluff to see the candidate’s substance.

The soapbox is quite rickety, so I will get off of it before it collapses underneath me. Until next week at least…


You don’t have to speak a foreign language to be creeped out and laugh hilariously at the same time…

Pickler looks much better with her head shaved…

Pickler looks much better with her head shaved…


I only laugh when no one dies…They all seem so cool, until they are tossed around like rag dolls. I am addicted to this video and cannot stop laughing…”We’re so cool, chillin’ in our boat…got my sunglasses on, out on the la….whoa…you’re going too fast…do you know what you are doing…slow down!…whoa….whoa…#@($(@)*”


My inaugural post is a quote:

“A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn” -Anonymous

Unicorn Leapfrog